Bench Dog 40-302 ProMax Trio Complete Router Table- Best Work Table!

Is carpentry your hobby? Are you finding it difficult to work in your shop for the lack of a proper working surface? If it is so, this Bench Dog 40-302 ProMax Trio Complete Router Table can be of great help. This remarkable work table will simplify your work to a great extent! Neatly designed this worktable will be a great addition to the work tools in your shop, or simply an outstanding addition to your collection of tools for leisure time works. It is really worth checking out.

Sturdy Construction!

The table is a steel hardware which is made durable and is vibration free to allow you to work in a proper manner. The table is machined flat, square in shape and really strong. This enhances your working experience and lets you enjoy your work. A ProCaster is incorporated to stabilize and secure your table. With unique kick down levers of the casters the wheel gets locked in one step along with stoppage of swiveling, this ensures smooth rolling.

Excellent Assemblage!

The table is designed with dual track and slots for miter gauges for fixing different types of accessories. The table contains ProMax which is used for troubleshooting and designing tools. It also contains ProFence which provides steel mesh fencing which provides durability and structural integrity. A ProStand is included with it to help you set up the table.


  • The machine is steel made for sturdiness.
  • It is durable and vibration free for better wood working.
  • The table is machined flat, square in shape for easy working.
  • A dual track is designed into the table with slots for miter gauges and for fixing a wide variety of accessories for wood working.
  • The table comes with a ProMax for better designing, ProFence which provides steel mesh fencing that gives structural integrity, ProStand that helps you to erect the table.
  • It also comes with 40-188 ProCaster for providing stability to a mobile table and ensures smooth rolling.
  • ProPlate electroplating services for precious metals like gold, rhodium, silver etc are not included in it but the table supports it.

Customer Feedback & Ratings

Customers have been very satisfied with this table. It has proved to extremely helpful and thus it has been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars! This Bench Dog 40-302 ProMax Trio Complete Router Tableis a superb worktable which you can get at a better price range. However, there are plenty of other details in its features. To know those details you may visit; this will help you to decide why you must purchase this table.

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